Collaborating Activities Asia : INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE (IISc)



  • JNM-ECX400II
  • JNM-ECX500II

About IISc

In 2014, Indian Institute of Science, which is one of the highest scientific graduate schools in India and JEOL have the agreement of academic collaboration project at their NMR Research Centre. We established “IISc-JEOL NMR Collaboration Office” which jointly has collaboration research with all Indian cutting edge researchers to enhance NMR technology in India. It’s one of the best NMR research organizations in Asian countries.


Activities of IISc-JEOL NMR Collaboration Office are as following.
  1. Contributing technology upgrade of all related personnel in NMR.
  2. Supporting IISc researchers from outside of IISc to use ECX400II and ECX500II.
  3. Mutual collaboration in academic conferences organized by IISc.