Company Profile

Business Introduction

JEOL Group Companies have been conducting business in three segments: “Scientific and Metrology Instruments”, “Industrial Equipment”, “Medical Equipment”. The major products are as follows.

Scientific / Metrology Instruments

Electron Optics Instruments

Transmission Electron Microscope, Energy Filter Electron Microscope, Electron Probe Microanalyzer, Auger Micro Probe, Photoelectron Spectrometer, Electron Microscope Peripherals.

Electron Optics Instrument Image

Analytical Instruments

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance System, Electron Spin Resonance System, Mass Spectrometer,(Time-of-flight mass spectrometer, gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer), portable gas chromatograph, gas monitor analyzer.

Analytical Instrument Image

Measuring Instruments

Scanning Electron Microscope, Analytical Scanning Electron Microscope, Electron Microscope Peripherals, Multi Beam System, Focused Ion Beam System, Cross Section Polisher, Ion Slicer, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer.

Measuring Instrument Image

Industrial Equipment

Semiconductor Equipment

Electron Beam Lithography System (Variable Shaped Electron Beam Lithography), Electron Beam Lithography System (Spot Beam Lithography).

Semiconductor Equipment Image

Industrial Equipment

Electron Beam Source & Power Supply of Electron Beam Deposition, High Power Electron Beam Source & Power Supply, Built-in Plasma Source & Power Supply, RF Power Supply for Plasma Generation, RF Induction Thermal Plasma System.

Industrial Equipment Image

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Rack Handler, Laboratory Information System, Fully Automatic Amino Acid Analyzer.

Medical Equipment Image