The JED-2300/2300F AnalysisStation is an element analysis system offering seamless observation and analysis.

The Analysis Station is an SEM/EDS integration system which has been developed under the concept of "a fusion of image observation and analysis". Using the SEM's motor driven stage enables wide area observation and analysis.

JSM-6510/LA, JSM-6610A/LA series

The EDS analysis can be launched by designating the spot directly on the SEM image. (p61_jed2300f_02.jpg to be embedded)


By comparing the collected X-ray spectrum to the synthesized spectrum created using the visual peak ID (VID), quantitative results can be analyzed both visually and numerically.

Play Back

In the element map collected with the JEOL EDS, the spectrum is saved at in the pixels of each frame. The images generated by the electron beam are also stored for each frame. The Play Back function provides diverse analysis options, including the observation of the spectrum changes over time. Replaying the data after measurement is completed is also possible, enabling the previously impossible observation of the process of the specimen change over time. Play Back also supports extraction of the desired frames.

Smile Station™ 2

This function creates a montage composed of the SEM image and elemental mapping image through an automatic analysis over multiple fields of view. It is also possible to carry out sequential elemental mapping and point analysis on the acquired fields. (patent number 4175597) (p61_jed2300f_03.jpg to be embedded)

Dry SD Detector

The Dry SD Detector (SDD Detector), unlike previous detector, requires no liquid nitrogen for cooling. It features quick and easy operation, and realizes both high resolution and high-count-rate processing.


I:Standard model, II:Map model, III:Montage model, IV:Particle analysis model, V:Large area particle analysis model
●Built in, ○Optional

機能 I II III IV V Note
OS OS Microsoft®  Windows® XP or later version
Multi user compatible
Operation menu English
Detector Select one from the list below Multi user compatible
EDS spectral analysis Qualitative analysis/Quantitative analysis (ZAF, Thin film)
Visual Peak ID (VID)
Thin film analysis
Chemical type classification, Q base (Spectral matching)
Count rate & Dead time real time display
Report generation One click report
SMile View™
Exporting to Microsoft® Word、PowerPoint®
Integration Automatic monitoring of microscope conditions
(Magnification, accelerating voltage, and specimen stage position)
SEM WD monitoring 2
Analysis initiated on SEM GUI (Set analysis position on SEM monitor) 2
Analysis Assist The analysis condition is set in the wizard form
Analysis Station Analysis initiated on EDS monitor
(Analysis position set on the SEM image on EDS monitor)
Line analysis Line analysis, Quantitative line analysis
Active map line
Elemental map Elemental map (Active map, Map with 3 colors, Probe tracking)
High-definition image (4096 3072pixels for SEM/TEM/Elemental map)
Pop up spectrum
Quantitative map
Residual map
  Elemental map
on multiple areas
Graphic display of analysis positions, Navigation,
Auto sequential analysis, Pin-point navi, Data archiving
Automatic sequential analysis
on multiple areas
Auto montage (SEM image, elemental map) 3
Automatic acquisition of elemental maps on multiple areas 3
Particle Analysis Software Particle Analysis and EDS analysis (Auto/manual)
Statistical analysis (Results, particle diameter, area, etc)
Sequential particle & EDS analysis on multiple areas 4
Particle Finder 4
Manual review 4
GSR analysis Automatic Gun shot residue analysis (Specimen for GSR) 4、5
PHI-RHO-Z quantitative analysis Improved quantitative analysis of light elements
Probe current compensation Monitoring of probe current, compensation for probe current fluctuation 6
Acquisition of user standard 6
Swing mouse One set of mouse & keyboard control 2 PCs (SEM & EDS) 7
Phase analysis Automatic phase analysis
Off line data analysis Licence software for off line data analysis
  1. Possible when EDS is linked to microscope PC.
  2. Applicable to JCM-5700 & JSM-6X10A/LA
  3. Applicable to SEM with motorized stage
  4. Applicable to SEM with X, Y, Z motorized control
  5. Optional GSR unit is required.
  6. Optional Probe current compensation unit is required. Probe current monitoring is possible when EDS is linked to microscope PC. JSM-7001F/7500F/7600F do not require this unit.
  7. JCM-5700 and JSM-6X10A/LA do not require. Items with T is specification of.8 JED-2300T.
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