Here are some interviews with JEOL customers.

Interview 06

Shū Kobayashi

In Pursuit of Environmentally Friendly Chemistry: Innovations in Organic Synthesis Supported by Analytical Instruments

Shū Kobayashi
Professor, School of Science, The University of Tokyo

Advances in chemistry have led to tremendous benefits to society and have impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, including healthcare, energy, food production, and new materials. Although society has been enriched by this progress, the production of chemical substances has also created serious environmental issues, such as pollution and environmental contamination. At the University of Tokyo, Professor Shū Kobayashi is leading the way to develop environmentally friendly or “Green" chemistry.

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Interview 05

Susumu Noda

The Challenge of Manipulating Light-Electron Beam Lithography System Draws the Future

Professor Susumu Noda
Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University

Optical chips, semiconductor laser innovations, thermal emission control and high-efficiency solar cells, etc… Photonic crystals are without doubt innovative materials that catch the future. Professor Susumu Noda of Kyoto University has led studies in this field since the very beginning and continues to run toward an ambitious dream.

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Interview 04

Robert Steiner, M.S.

Versatile and powerful tool for forensic drug screening

Robert Steiner, M.S
Principal Forensic Scientist and Instrument Specialist, Virginia Department of Forensic Science

Innovative AccuTOF-DART® mass spectrometer speeds up and simplifies identification and elucidation of unknown drugs

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Interview 03

The Future of Material Engineering Revealed by Solid-state NMR, the Guardian Angel of Manufacturing

Yoko Sakiyama Senior Researcher
2nd Material Science Laboratory Material Science Laboratories
Toray Research Center, Inc.

LED, fuel cells, diamond-like carbon…
Japan continues to produce outstanding products using world-leadingmanufacturing technology. The application technology of the analytic chemists of TRC with their JEOL solid state NMR are opening new horizons.

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Interview 02

A Synchrotron on your Desk? Seeing everything with an electron microscope

Professor Masami Terauchi
Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM), Tohoku University
Laboratory of Electron Crystallography and Spectroscopy

What is this thing in front of us? To make an accurate identification, we must know the chemical bonding state. What if we could see everything with the electron microscope?
The development of an instrument that started with the idea of one microscopist is causing a revolution in manufacturing.

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Interview 01

Super High Resolution Electron Microscopes Stimulate Progress in Materials Science

Professor Yuichi Ikuhara
Institute of Engineering Innovation, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

Shifting from production based on experience and intuition to rational manufacturing based on theory and evidence.
JEOL Super High Resolution Electron Microscopes support great strides in materials science.

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