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JSM-IT500 InTouchScope(TM) Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-IT500 InTouchScope™ Scanning Electron Microscope

The JSM-IT500 is a new model of JEOL InTouchScope™ series.
Equipped with our sophisticated Analytical series, the JSM-IT500 facilitates any analyses from specimen loading to report generation.

JXA-8530FPlus Field Emission Electron Probe Microanalyzer

JXA-8530FPlus Field Emission Electron Probe Microanalyzer

JEOL commercialized the world's first FE-EPMA, the JXA-8500F in 2003. This highly regarded FE-EPMA has long been used in various fields, such as: metals, materials and geology in both industry and academia. The JXA-8530FPlus is a third-generation FE-EPMA that comes with enhanced analytical and imaging capabilities. The In-Lens Schottky field emission electron gun combined with new software provides higher throughput while maintaining high stability, thus allowing a wider range of EPMA applications to be achieved with higher resolution.

JIB-4700F Multi Beam System

JIB-4700F Multi Beam System

Advances in the development of new materials featuring complex nanostructures places increased demands on FIB-SEM instruments for exceptional resolution, accuracy and throughput. In response, JEOL has developed the JIB-4700F Multi Beam System to be used in morphological observations, elemental and crystallographic analyses of a variety of specimens.

JSM-IT300HR InTouchScope(TM) Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-IT300HR InTouchScope Scanning Electron Microscope

The JSM-IT300HR is a new model of JEOL InTouchScope™ Series. Equipped with a new high-brightness electron gun and optical system, the JSM-IT300HR achieves superbly high-quality imaging and analysis with high sensitivity and high spatial-resolution. This new cutting-edge SEM provides superb performance while maintaining high operability building on the award-winning InTouchScope™ Series.

JSM-7200F Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-7200F Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-7200F has much higher spatial resolution than the conventional models at both high and low accelerating voltages by applying the technology used for “In-Lens SchottkyPlus”, the electron optics equipped on our flagship-model, JSM-7800FPRIME, and by incorporating TTLS (Through-The-Lens System). The maximum probe current of 300 nA is also guaranteed because of the above mentioned features. Thus, JSM-7200F is a next-generation multi-purpose FE-SEM that has capability of high resolution observation, high throughput analysis, ease of use, and expandability.

JSM-IT100 InTouchScope(TM) Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-IT100 InTouchScope Scanning Electron Microscope

The JSM-IT100, equipped with 50 years of JEOL SEM technologies, is a compact, versatile scanning electron microscope. Ease of use is a key feature of our successful InTouchScope™ series while maintaining the versatility and expandability expected from a research-grade SEM. This all-in-one SEM is used in a wide range of fields, such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, covering various applications, from materials development, testing, evaluation, and defect analysis to quality control, etc.

JEM-F200 Multi-purpose Electron Microscope

JEM-F200 Multi-purpose Electron Microscope

JEM-F200 is a new field emission transmission electron microscope, which features higher spatial resolution and analytical performance, an easy to use new operation system for multi-purpose operation, a smart appearance, and various environmentally friendly, energy saving system.

JCM-6000Plus Versatile Benchtop SEM

JCM-6000Plus Versatile Benchtop SEM

Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope. Intuitive operation is achieved via touch panel and new operation screens. The low vacuum mode is included in the standard configuration, and EDS can be installed, offering a truly multi-functional benchtop SEM

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