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300kV Schottky Electron Gun A field emission electron microscope that gives full play to not only high-resolution imaging, but also nanoarea analysis.
Equipped with a 300 kV FEG and an in-column energy filter.
Incorporation of a new, rotation-free image-forming optical system facilitates acquisition of TEM images and diffraction patterns as well as provides stable spectra.
The combination of the 300 kV FEG and the energy filter offers new many solutions for a wide range of research fields.

200kV Schottky Electron Gun The JEM-ARM200F, incorporating a STEM Cs corrector and a microscope column with dramatically improved mechanical and electrical stability, achieves the world's highest STEM (HAADF) resolution of 0.08 nm a s a c ommercial TEM.
The Cs-corrected extremely small electron probe achieves a remarkably increased current density, one order magnitude larger than conventional TEMs.
Thus, the JEMARM200F provides ultimate atomic-level analysis and also higher throughput with dramatically shortened measurement time.

200kV Schottky Electron Gun A field emission electron microscope equipped with a 200 kV field emission gun and a new in-column energy filter, which is optimally configured for analytical functions, such as element analysis analysis and stage analysis.
The use of a new, rotation-free image-forming optical system makes it easy to compare TEM images and diffraction patterns.
Since the microscope allows observation of wide-field energy-filtered images, combination with the optional tomography function enables acquisition of three-dimensional information with a wide field and a high contrast.

200kV Schottky Electron Gun The field emission electron gun (FEG), which provides an electron beam with high brightness and high coherence, is essential for high-resolution observation and nano area analysis.
The JEM-2100F, featuring advanced digital operation, is an integrated TEM that gives full play to its various functions.

200kV LaB6 Electron Gun The JEM-2100 is a new-generation, 200 kV analytical electron microscope.
The JEM-2100, which incorporates an integrated PC system for various functions with excellent cost performance, supports research and development in wide scientific fields, ranging from biotechnology to materials science.

200kV Schottky Electron Gun The JEM-2800 is a new TEM that achieves nano-area analysis through Automation and Convenience, while being Easy-to-use so that expert results can be achieved by operators of any skill level.
Its advanced electron optical system makes it possible to perform high-resolution TEM and STEM imaging, EDS, EELS, tomography and in-situ observation on the same sample without sacrificing any of these capabilities.

120kV LaB6 Electron Gun The JEM-1400Plus is a transmission electron microscope (TEM) developed for application in a wide range of disciplines, from biology to materials researches, such as biological sections, polymers, nanomaterials and …. New environment is optimized for ease-of -use TEM operations with followings.