Glossary of TEM Terms

Michiyoshi Tanaka
Professor Emeritus at Tohoku University
Co-author for English version
Masami Terauchi (Professor of IMRAM, Tohoku University), Kenji Tsuda (Professor of Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University), Koh Saitoh (Professor of Department of Crystalline Materials Science, Graduate school of Engineering, Nagoya University) and Staff of Technical Development Department, EM Business Unit at JEOL Ltd. Many other scientists and engineers are also acknowledged.

Terms are added or updated

February 21, 2017 update diamond knife
February 21, 2017 update grain boundary
January 12, 2017 update omega filter
January 12, 2017 update envelope function
January 12, 2017 update Diffractive imaging
January 12, 2017 update phase-contrast transfer function
November 11, 2016 update ultra-high voltage electron microscope
November 11, 2016 update Fresnel fringes
November 11, 2016 update quasicrystal
October 05, 2016 update ice embedding

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