Identifying crystal polymorphs of a drug compound by solid state NMR

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Indomethacin is a drug generally used for reducing pain and inflammation. It is also known that indomethacin has crystal polymorphs in different shapes, and depending on the shape, the properties of the compound vary. Therefore, it is critical to control the crystal shape.

Shown below are 13C NMR spectra of 3 types of indomethacin that are different in crystal structure. While liquid NMR data show no difference, solid NMR spectrometry, which analyzed the sample in powder form, identified each crystal polymorph.

Structure of indomethacin

Instrument: JNM-ECZ500R; probe: liquid ROYAL, solid 3.2 mm XH MAS
Sample courtesy of Prof. Kenjiro Higashi, Chiba University


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