NoD NMR NMR Experiments using no deuterated solvent

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I cannot use deuterated solvents for moisture sensitive samples.
I want to analyze reaction solutions in reaction monitoring.
My sample does not dissolve in any of the deuterated solvents.
Deuterated solvents are costly.

“NoD NMR” is your solution!

NoD NMR is a technique to acquire 1H signals of an analyte at high sensitivity by eliminating 1H signals of a non-deuterated solvent. Resolution, which is normally adjusted with deuterium signals in a deuterated solvent, is optimized by gradient shimming with 1H signals of a regular solvent.
Spectra acquired from samples with regular solvents in normal 1H (top) and NoD NMR (bottom) experiments

JEOL NMR systems with fully automated data acquisition!

Delta NMR software automatically accomplishes the entire process of data acquisition including resolution control, solvent signal detection and deletion, data processing, and chemical shift correction, elimi-nating lengthy optimization steps.


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