Delta NMR software J coupling analysis tool

  • Summary


Delta NMR software J coupring analysis tool
  1. 1. J coupling analysis tool
        automatically analyzes split patterns of signals resulting from J coupling
        Simply load data subjected to peak detection and integration, and the tool will automatically display chemical shift, split pattern,
       and J coupling constant from the peaks within the integral range.
  2. 2. Cross reference between numerical and spectral data
        The tool allows for easy cross-reference between J coupling data of each signal and spectral data.
        Signals having an equal coupling constant are color coded.
  3. 3. Simple editing of results
        The tool allows for easy editing of acquired data for re-analysis.
  4. 4. Speedy documentation
        J coupling data is displayed in a specific format appropriate for official documentation.

        *Supported in Delta V5.0.4.3 or higher


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