New extended VT HXMAS probe

  • Summary



  • Wide temperature range, -100~+200℃, are available in narrow bore magnet.
  • no additional attachment to a magnet
  • To control temperature elevating speed is available with the wide degree of freedom by combined with Delta NMR software.
  • Measurements of low gamma nucleus below 15N are available with the low frequency unit.
400 MHz 500MHz 600MHz
Rotor diameter 4 mm 3.2 mm 3.2 mm
Maximum MAS frequency*1 18,000 Hz 22,000 Hz
Temperature range*2 -100℃ ~ +200℃
LF nuclei 31P ~ 15N
LF nuclei with the low frequency unit 33S ~ 47Ti
HF nuclei 1H , 19F

*1 At room temperature、*2 A heat-resistance zirconia rotor is required above 150℃


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