NEW extended VT HXMAS probe From -100 to 200 ℃ in narrow-bore magnet!

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The wide temperature range HXMAS probe achieved -100 ~ 200℃ of sample temperature by a newly developed spinning module. This probe is available in a narrow-bore magnet due to newly designed thermal insulation and exhaust systems.
207Pb solid state NMR spectra for Pb(NO3)2 are shown in the following. The chemical shift of 207Pb signals indicate -100 ~ 200℃ of sample temperature.

sample: Pb(NO3)2
MAS : 5kHz
δ = T  × 0.753 ppm / ℃[1,2]

* An additional option may be need to achieve 200℃ sample temperature.
* A heat-resistance zirconia sample tube is required above 150℃.


[1] A. Bielecki and D.P. Burum, J. Magn. Reson. A, 116, 215-220 (1995).
[2] T. Takahashi, et. al., Solid State Nuc. Magn. Reson., 15, 119-123 (1999).


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