How to select appropriate symmetry numbers?

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Here is an example how to choose appropriate symmetry numbers. We focus on 1H  chemical shift anisotropy (CSA) recoupling at ultrafast MAS. The sequence should be  satisfy the following conditions:

  1. (1) 1H CSA is recoupled at 1st order.
  2. (2) 1H-1H dipolar and 1H isotropic chemical shift are decoupled.
  3. (3) RF field amplitude is kept below 200 kHz at a MAS rate of 70 kHz.
  4. (4) a large scaling factor is desired.
  5. (5) the effect of RF field inhomogeneity is minimized.
Selection of symmetry numbers, Comparison of performance


M.K. Pandey, M. Malon, A. Ramamoorthy, Y. Nishiyama, J. Magn. Reson. 250 (2015) 45-54.

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