Effectiveness of high magnetic fields in high-resolution solid-state NMR:II. Case of inorganic compounds

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Solid-state NMR of half-integer spins, such as 11B(I=3/2), 23Na(I=3/2), and 27Al(I=5/2), is getting important in inorganic material science. NMR signals of these nuclei may be broad due to quadrupolar interactions, leading to difficulties in spectral analysis.

Quadrupolar interactions, however, become smaller in inverse proportion to magnetic fields, resulting in sharp resonance lines and simple spectra.

Fig. 1 shows resolution enhancement along with magnetic fields: AlPO4 exhibits three distict peaks attributed to four-, five-, and six- coordinate aluminum in high magnetic fields.

Resolution enhancement along with magnetic fields
Fig.1 Resolution enhancement along with magnetic fields
Sample: AlPO4
Nuclei: 27Al
Flip angle: 15deg
Method:Single Pulse


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