29Si NMR measurement using silicon free probe

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Standard materials used in NMR probe construction, as well as normal NMR tubes, inevitably contain silicon which is visible as abroad peak in the spectrum. As this is due to a Q4unit, it will overlap at similar chemical shifts to Q3 and Q4 units in any sample being measured. The use of a silicon free probe and suitable tubes completely suppresses the background signal and even small signals can be clearly seen.

29Si spectra without sample

29Si spectra without sample
Standard probe - broad background signal
Sillicon free probe - no background signal

Actually measured data

Actually measured data
Sample: sodium silicate solution/D20
Spectrometer: JNM-ECAII600

Upper spectrum: Data from standard probe with heat-resistant glass tube
Lower spectrum: Data from Sillicon free probe with PTFE tube

This probe is particularly effective for broad peaks and dilute solutions!


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