High-resolution 10mm probe

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Fig.1 13C{1H} spectrum using a high-resolution 10mm probe
Sample: commercial polypropylene/ODCB (o-dichloro benzene-d4)
Spectrometer: JNM-ECA600,  Accumulation: 20,000scan, Temperature: 130℃

Fig.2 13C{1H} spectrum using a 5mm probe
Sample: commercial polypropylene/ODCB
Spectrometer: 750MHz,  Accumulation: 20,000scan, Temperature: 110℃
* Data are by courtesy of Prof. K. Ute of Osaka University.

A high-resolution 10mm probe achieves high sensitivity from a large  volume of samples as well as high resolution due to advanced probe  technology enhancing homogeneity of the magnetic field for that  volume.
A 13C spectrum observed using a 10mm probe (Fig. 1) exhibits resolution as high as that obtained using a 5mm probe (Fig. 2), with  much higher sensitivity. Owing to sufficient resolution and sensitivity, it is possible to quantify atactic parts of polypropylene contained  by about 0.1%.
Thus, a high-resolution 10mm probe is useful in the research of  polymers.


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