10mm special probe for silicon (29Si) measurements

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In 29Si NMR measurements, background signals are usually of a problem; even though background from sample tubes is reduced by using PTFE tubes, background from silicon parts of the probe, if any, cannot be removed.
In this special probe, all the silicon materials are replaced by carbon materials. As shown below, background signals arising from silicon materials of the standard probe are removed when the special probe is used. This probe is highly recommended for the users suffering from silicon background.

29Si spectra without samples

Standard probe

Special probe

Sample tube o.d.


Observation nucleus


Irradiation nucleus 1H
NMR lock nucleus 2H
90°pulse (29Si) 29Si < 25μs
Temp. range RT to +80℃

* This probe is specially designed for 29Si, and so background may appear for the other nuclei.

External view


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