Quick solid-state NMR measurements by 8 mm MAS:Natural-abundance 43Ca NMR

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Great difficulty in 43Ca NMR due to low sensitivity…

  • Small gyromagnetic ratio:  40.37 MHz  (1H:600MHz)
  • Low natural abundance:  0.145 %
  • Half-integer quadrupolar nuclei:  I = 7/2

8 mm MAS opens a way to natural-abundance 43Ca NMR!

Sample:	synthesized tobermorite
Sample:  synthesized tobermorite
Measurements: 43Ca single pulse (in natural abundance) 
Spectrometer:  JNM-ECA600
Repetition time:  0.5 s
Number of scans: 350,000 scans (ca 2 days)

Sample courtesy of

Asahi KASEI corporation


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