Studies of minute quantities of natural abundance molecules using 2D Heteronuclear correlation spectroscopy under 100 kHz MAS: HMQC approach

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Cross-polarization (CP) is widely used for 1H/13C magnetization transfer in solid-state NMR. However, J-based transfer can only be used when 1H T2 relaxation time is much longer than 1/4J. This can be achieved for some molecules at very fast MAS > 100 kHz. Because of the very high magnetization transfer efficiency (100% if relaxation is neglected), 1H/13C HMQC can be quickly recorded even in 13C natural abundance.

1H/13C HMQC pulse sequence
1H/13C HMQC spectra of organically functionalized mesoporous
silica nanoparticles in natural abundance


Y. Nishiyama, T. Kobayashi, M. Malon, D. Singappuli-Arachchige, I.I. Slowing, M. Pruski, Solid State Nucl. Magn. Reson. 66-67 (2015) 56-61.


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