Variable Temperature Unit ES-13060DVT5

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A variable temperature unit ES-16030DVT5 is newly released for JES-X3 ESR spectrometer. In this unit, heater response is accelerated and heating power is optimized so that sample temperature becomes equal to the target temperature more quickly and the temperature stability is more enhanced. Equipped with the renewed control program in JES-X3 series ESR, a variety of temperature change in the sequential more is possible with ease.

Features of ES-13060DVT5

ES-13060DVT5 is USB-connected to the JES-X3 series ESR. By setting target temperature in the GUI box in acquisition menu, sample temperature is changed by adjusting the quantity of N2 gas and the heater power.
In order to reach target temperature, between -170℃ to +200℃, more quickly without overshooting and to get enhanced temperature stability, electric power supply is DC-controlled and temperature data is sampled and checked at double the speed.

Here are the time-profiles of the temperature change.  The left shows the time-profile in changing from 50℃ to 100℃ while the right shows time-profile in changing from 0℃ to -50℃. It is obvious in both cases that required time to reaching target temperature becomes half or less of the previous model. By such quick temperature control, total acquisition time becomes shorter and the volume of the liquid nitrogen is saved especially when ESR signals should be acquired by varying temperature as in the spin labeling work.
The temperature fluctuation after reaching target temperature is less than half of the previous model that helps stable measurement in longer period.

Time profile of the sample temperature. (Left) +50 to +100℃, (Right) 0 to -50℃


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