New ESR Spectrometer JES-X3 series

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    JES-FA series has been supplied for more than 10 years receiving good reputation from many customers.  In this period, we had heard numerous desires from researchers in a variety of fields.  Through the continuous development to respond customer’s needs, here we begin to supply the successor model JES-X3 series.  In this occasion, some attachments are refurbished at the same time.
  2. Features of JES-X3 series
    In our spectrometer, high-sensitive and low-noise Gunn diode had been adopted so far.  We recently succeeded in reducing the noise level and 30% enhancement in sensitivity was attained.
    Auto-tuning function was also refined so that highly reproducible and accurate just-coupling is attained within shorter time.  This enables anyone to optimize microwave-bridge to the sample and to measure ESR with ideal sensitivity. 
    A foot operated trigger to start data measurement can be used to control the reaction time after reagents are mixed to generate short lived radicals.  This is useful for routine works which needs to control reaction time such as detection of reactive oxygen species. 
    Graphical user interface is developed on Windows®7 and then intuitive and easy operation is possible.  The sequential mode, by which acquisition parameters are changed sequentially, becomes fully flexible including randomized values of parameters, e.g. sample temperature, microwave power, etc.  As a result, it becomes possible to obtain and analyze numerous kinds of two dimensional data with simple and flexible operation, such as temperature dependence in spin-labeling, time dependence after UV irradiation, angular dependence of single crystals.
    ESR application field is expanding.  JEOL RESONANCE will continue to supply useful ESR spectrometer which can be used as a tool in technological innovation.
JES-X320 ESR装置
TEMPOL / Glycerol

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