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A C5FH probe, a powerful tool for analyzing fluorine-containing compounds, is revised and equipped with a field gradient coil, to be a C5FH/FG2 probe. By utilizing field gradient pulses, two-dimensional 13C- 1H correlation measurements with 19F decoupling, for example, can be performed in a short time.

Fig.1 C5FH/FG2 probe (for 500MHz)

C5FH/FG2 probe (for 500MHz)

Fig.2 13C-1H HMQC spectra of CF3CHFCF2OCH2CH3 CF3CHFCF2OCH2CH3の13C-1H HMQCスペクトル

Without 19F decoupling


With 19F decoupling
Spectrometer: JNM-ECA500

For fluorine-containing compounds, 19F decoupling removes splittings due to couplings with 19F nuclei and simplify the spectra, as shown in Fig.2. Thus, a C5FH/FG2 probe permits easy and short-time measurements in multi-dimensional NMR spectroscopy.


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