Sensitivity enhancement in 29Si solid-state NMR by CPMG; Application to 29Si-1 HETCOR and 29Si DQMAS

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Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill (CPMG) pulse sequence generates a train of echoes which can be summed up, resulting in a great sensitivity enhancement in 29Si NMR. This approach is very effective not only in 1D measurements but also in 2D experiments. The conventional 29Si acquisition in 2D experiments can be replaced by the train of CPMG echoes. This results in 3 to 10 times sensitivity enhancement which corresponds to measurement time reduction of one to two orders of magnitude.

JNM-ECA600 with 3.2 mm HXMAS probe at 20 kHz MAS. Sample: zeolite sigma-2 (SGT)

Sample courtesy of

Prof. Toshiyuki Yokoi of Tokyo Institute of Technology


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