Homonuclear covariance transformation in solid-state NMR!

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Covariance (Cov) transformation helps us to reduce the data collection time in homonuclear correlation solid-state NMR experiments such as NOESY and INADEQUATE. In these experiments, large number of t1 points are usually required to achieve sufficient spectral resolution in the indirect dimension. For example, fully collected Fourier transformed (FT) spectrum of L-histidine monochloride was obtained with 512 t1 points (A). When the number of t1 points was reduced to 40 (B), significant wiggle was observed, resulting in very low resolution. Cov spectra (C) of 40 t1 points (C) produces a spectrum almost identical to (A). Cov achieves more than 10 times reduction of experimental time!

JNM-ECA500  3.2mm HXMAS
20 kHz MAS
13C6,15N3 L-histidine HCl


J. Magn. Reson. 171 (2004) 277-283.


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