Do You Wanna See 2D Results on the Way ? Delta NMR software Has "outer scans" Function !

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Array experiments such as relaxation measurements and two-dimensional (multi-dimensional) experiments may be time-consuming. Instead of being disappointed after long acquisition with insufficient S/N, for example, check the  results on the way using Delta’s fabulous functions, outer_scans and mod_save !
As you may know, mod_save function saves the data on the way every preset numbers of scans. This function can be added when you click “Add Parameters” in Header tab of  Job tab in Delta’s spectrometer control window. For the example of scans to be 8192,  when you input 1024 as mod_save, Delta saves every 1024 scan data ( after 1024 scans, after 2048 scans, ... ) as copy files, stored in the data server in the case of Delta version 5.

Let’s see a relaxation experiment with 7 values of interval = 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2,  5, 10(s) and scans of 1024 for each interval. When repetition_time is 10(s), the  total acquisition time may amount  to(10.1 + 10.2 + 10.5 + 11 + 12 + 15 + 20)(s)
× 1024 = 25 hours. As a result, you may find whether the result is proper or not only  after 25 hours using the usual procedure. However, if you use outer_scans and mod_save  described below, you can check the data on the way, for example, every few hours.

In the usual procedure for the above example, data are at first acquired by 1024 scans  for interval=0.1(s) and at last acquired by 1024 scans for interval=10(s). Note that  the same total scans can be acquired as 128 scans for interval=0.1(s), 128 scans for  interval=0.2(s), ... , and 128 scans for interval=10(s), and by “externally scanning”  such a set by 8 times. Thereby, the result after every set of the acquisition is conducted for  all the values of interval and so can be used for checking the data on the way.

To carry out the “external scan”, you can add the parameter “outer_scans” in  Acquisition tab. In the above example, input 8 as outer_scans as well as 128 as scans.  To save the data after every set of the acquisition, you can use mod_save. Here, please be  cautious in setting the value of mod_save as the number of one set acquisition, namely, the multiple of 7 (0.1,0.2,…,10s) by 128 scans equal to 896.


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