Extremely High Sensitivity Cryogenic Probe, UltraCOOL Probe

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We successfully developed UltraCOOL probe that enables reduction of thermal noise and achieves extremely high sensitivity by keeping the detection coil and pre-amplifier of probe at a very low temperature. This probe makes it possible to reduce the measurement time of 13C NMR to 1/25, compared to conventional room temperature probes.

UltraCOOL Probe features

  • High sensitivity has been achieved!
    1H sensitivity is 4 times and, 13C sensitivity is 5 times higher than conventional room temperature probes.
  • Auto-tuning and a built-in FG Coil are available, which makes it possible to perform the same measurements as a normal probe!
  • Capable of long time high temperature measurements, and is extremely effective in analysis of polymer’s stereoregularity and so on!

UltraCOOL Probe appearance

UltraCOOL Probe appearance

Long time measurement at 150°C

Long time measurement at 150℃
sample: polypropylene isotactic/ODCB-d4,
600 MHz, 20,000scans
Temp: 150°C Time : 19 hours

1H sensitivity

0.1% ethylbenzene/CDCl3, 800 MHz, 1scan
0.1% ethylbenzene/CDCl3, 800 MHz, 1scan

13C sensitivity

10% ASTM/Benzene-d6, 800 MHz, 1scan
10% ASTM/Benzene-d6, 800 MHz, 1scan

A part of this development has been supported by the Strategic Innovation Creation Promotion program of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).


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