qNMR Analysis Software:ALICE 2 for qNMR "Purity"

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ALICE 2 for qNMR "Purity" is a useful tool for qNMR analysis, combining NMR processing software and calculation software.

What is the procedure of qNMR analysis ?

What is the procedure of qNMR analysis ?

Quantification analysis with high accuracy generally requires many times of measurements handling a large number of data, resulting in laborious work. ALICE 2 for qNMR “Purity” permits processing, calculation, and check for several data at once, and so it supports quantification analysis in NMR, strongly !

Screenshot of ALICE 2 for qNMR “Purity”
Screenshot of ALICE 2 for qNMR "Purity"

Main features of "Purity"

  • Process data during qNMR analysis.
  • Save compound information and analysis conditions.
  • Process and analyze several data with the same conditions at once.
  • Check results of interest with corresponding spectra.
  • Copy results onto spreadsheet software.
  • Save processed and analyzed results.

Feature 2

Feature 2

Efficient analysis using saved information and conditions !

Feature 4

Feature 4
Quick check of the results !

Contact us for software demonstration and trial use.

Notice:ALICE is the data processing software implemented in NMR system.


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