Delta Tips: How to Customize List of Parameters to Print (Part 1)

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① Select Tools – Filter Editor in the JEOL Delta window.

Delta Tips

② Select File – Open Filter – Default Print Filter in the Filter Editor window.

Delta Tips
∗ Refer to Delta Tips NMDT_0013 for the names of available acquisition parameters.

For example, let us show you how to insert ‘changer slot’ above ‘solvent’.

③ Click the button in the red circle and ④ select ‘solvent’ in the list of parameters.

⑤ Type in ‘changer slot’ in the empty box as shown in the figure below and push the [ENTER] key.

Delta Tips
∗ To remove a parameter, select it and click the button in the blue circle.

⑥ To save the modified list of acquisition parameters, select File – Save Filter – Print Filter.

Delta Tips
If you want to see a printed version,
please click this PDF file.



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