Delta Tips: How to Report Diffusion Coefficient

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This issue of Delta Tips demonstrates how to report diffusion coefficient (D) of multiple peaks at once.

① Click the button in the red circle to activate the selection mode in the Curve Analysis window. Select the peaks of interest to calculate and report their D values. We have selected two doublets.

Delta Tips
∗ If a group of peaks is selected, it is possible to switch from one peak to another one within the group by clicking the buttons shown below.
Delta Tips

② Click the button in the Curve Analysis window to create a report. The Report Options window opens.

Delta Tips

③ Select the ‘All Slices’ option in the Report Options window. The other check boxes allow you to customize content of report.

④ Click the [Create] button to create the report on all the peaks selected above.

Delta Tips

⑤ Click the button in the red circle to view the report. The File Information tool opens and the Reports tab is automatically displayed.

Delta Tips

⑥ Select ‘CURVE_ANALYSIS’ to display the report.

Delta Tips

⑦ Save the report in a file as shown below.
∗ Click the button in the red circle to save the report on diffusion data as a text file (.txt).
∗ Select File – Save Report As to save the report as a text file (.txt), comma separated value file (.csv) or tab separated value file (.txt).

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If you want to see a printed version,
please click this PDF file.



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