Delta Tips: How to Measure Coupling Constant

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1H-1H coupling constant (also called J-coupling) can be measured as the horizontal distance between two peaks in proton spectra. First of all, perform peak picking in Processor or Data Slate. We show a Data Slate window in the figures below.

① Click the button in the red circle and select two peaks to measure J-coupling between them.

Delta Tips
∗ It is possible to select peaks one by one while holding the [Shift] key.

② Hit the [J] key to display the J-coupling value between the peaks in Hz unit.
Note that J-coupling value is displayed above the peaks. The lines indicate the peaks and the value.

Delta Tips

③ If you wish to measure J-coupling between another two peaks, hit the [U] key to unselect the previous pair. Alternatively, you can clink inside the spectral area to unselect the peaks.

Delta Tips

④ Select another two peaks and display the J-coupling value by hitting the [J] key.

Delta Tips
∗ To remove the J-coupling value, select the J-marker and hit the [Delete] key as shown below.
Delta Tips
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