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How to use Combine Files Tool

When the Combine Files Tool is used, it is possible to combine multiple 1D data files and save them as one pseudo-2D data file. It is possible to combine spectra or FIDs (Free Induction Decay). We will combine five individual proton spectra in this example.

① Select Process – Combine Files to open the Combine Files tool.

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② Click the icon in the red circle and then the icon in the blue circle to select a file in the fingering mode. Select all the spectra one by one.

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③ Specify the number of files (spectra) to combine as shown in the figure. It is 5 in our example.

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④ Type a filename into the Output File box.

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⑤ Click the button in the red circle to save the new file.
∗ If you click the [Output File] button, a new window opens in which you may specify location.

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If you want to see a printed version,
please click this PDF file.

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