Delta Tips: How to Measure Full Width at Half Maximum

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This issue of Delta Tips demonstrates measurement of full width at half maximum (FWHM), also known as line width at half height (LWHH), in 1D Processor.

① Select Display – Peaks – Print Peak Widths. This will add the ‘print_peak_widths’ command.

Delta Tips

② Click the button in the red circle and select a signal to copy its chemical shift into the clipboard.

③ Click the black triangle next to ‘print_peak_widths’ to reveal all the parameters.

Delta Tips

④ Paste the value stored in the clipboard (e.g. 3.32272 ppm) into the Position input box.

Delta Tips

⑤ Click the button in the blue circle to execute the processing list.

⑥ Find the FWHM value in the Delta window as shown the figure. It is 13.9 Hz in the example.

Delta Tips
∗ The procedure described above creates a report which can be viewed by using the File Information Tool.
Delta Tips
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