ROYALPROBE™ HFX Application Example (2)

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ROYALPROBE™ HFX can be used with both the JNM-ECZS and ECZR series 2-channel routine spectrometers, and the high-end JNM-ECZR spectrometers equipped with 3 channels.

When used in a 3-channel configuration, it is possible to transmit the 1H and 19F pulses from independent frequency sources. As a result, there is no sacrifice of the decoupling efficiency, making the 3-channel configuration ideal for the measurement of challenging samples containing large amounts of fluorine.

Furthermore, compared to the existing 3-channel, dedicated triple-resonance CFH probe,

The low-frequency coil is not limited to 13C, but can be tuned to a wide range of nuclei
Sensitivity for 1H, 19F, and 13C is improved.

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