AUTOMAS Probe: A solids probe with the throughput of a liquids probe

  • Summary


The new AUTOMAS Probe and ROTORCARRIER™ provide the superior ease of use and high throughput capability of a liquid-state NMR probe for solid-state NMR measurements.
The ROTORCARRIER™ houses a solid sample tube, and has the same external appearance as the rotor used for the liquid sample tubes. The ROTORCARRIER™ carries the solid sample from the top of the magnet to the probe, in a similar fashion to liquid sample tubes.
The AUTOMAS Probe receives the sample from the ROTORCARRIER™ , and automatically sets it at the magic angle. The AUTOMAS Probe is also equipped with an Auto-Tuning function, so that measurements can be taken with all the operations from sample insertion to rotation, temperature control, and tuning performed automatically.
The breakthrough of the AUTOMAS Probe and ROTORCARRIER™ is the ability to use the existing Auto Sample Changer as-is(1).
The combination of the AUTOMAS Probe and ROTORCARRIER™ truly delivers the operability of liquid-state NMR measurement to the world of solid-state NMR measurement(2).

• Auto Tune

Can use the same Auto Sample Tuning as the liquid-state probes

• Sample load and eject

Samples can be smoothly loaded/ejected from above the magnet via the ROTORCARRIER™

• Auto Sample Changer

The functions of the existing ASC24, JackBean 30, 64, and 100 can be used as-is
(1) Compatible ASC are ASC24 and JackBean 30, 64, 100 only.
(2) Compatible with the JNM-ECZ series only. MASCONT improvements may be required in some cases.
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