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Comprehensive 2D GC coupled with JEOL GC-HRTOFMS

Comprehensive 2D GCcoupled with JEOL GC-HRTOFMS:GCxGC Applications

GC-TOFMS Applications:
Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) is a powerful tool for the analysis of complex mixtures.
This technique uses two capillary columns with different separation capabilities connected in series, thus providing higher separation capabilities than the typical single GC column separation. This GCxGC Applications brochure introduces a variety of examples for complex mixture analysis using the JEOL AccuTOF-GCx in combination with GCxGC.
The applications discussed within include petroleum, chemicals/materials, environmental, perfume, and pharmaceutical analyses.

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  • Diesel Fuel Analysis by GCxGC/EI
    Hydrocarbon Classification
  • Biomarker Analysis by GCxGC/PI
    Target Analysis using 2D EICC


  • Type Analysis by GCxGC/FI
    Hydrocarbon Type Analysis
  • Key Technology -Soft Ionization-
    A wide variety of soft ionization techniques from JEOL!


  • Synthetic Polymer Analysis by Pyrolysis GCxGC/EI and FI
    Unknown Compounds Analysis in Nylon 66
  • Additives Analysis by Pyrolysis GCxGC/EI and FI
    Targeted Additives Analysis in Nitrile Butadiene Rubber


  • Natural Polymer Analysis by Pyrolysis GCxGC/EI and PI
    Powerful Separation of the Main Components in a Japanese Lacquer Film
  • Key Technology -Combination Ion Sources-
    Two Optional Combination Ion Sources
    – EI/FI/FD and EI/PI –


  • Soluble Organic Fraction Analysis by GCxGC/EI
    Analysis of PAHs in Exhaust Gas
  • Electronics Waste Analysis by GCxGC/EI and Negative CI
    Halogenated Compounds Analysis


  • Aroma Oil (Fragrance) Analysis by GCxGC/EI and FI
    Molecular ion detection for Alcohol compounds
  • Sebum Analysis by GCxGC/EI
    Pharmaceutical application

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