Delta Tips: Data Slate (Part 5)

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How to display multiple 2D spectra in one Data Slate window

It is possible to overlay two or more 2D spectra in one Data Slate window. It is a very useful function if you need to closely compare several 2D spectra.
In the example bellow, we will demonstrate how to overlay HMQC (A) and HMBC (B) spectra. At first, open the Spectrum A in one Data Slate window and the Spectrum B in another one.
Next, follow the steps as follows:

① Push the Finger button and ② the Overlay button in the Data Slate window of the Spectrum A. Note that the cursor has changed into the Finger symbol.
③ Click into the Spectrum B with the cursor. The Spectrum B has been loaded and displayed over the Spectrum A.
Delta Tips

※ If you wish to adjust contour levels of Spectrum A or Spectrum B, click the tab of the spectrum, and then adjust contours as usual.

Delta Tips

Refer to User’s Manual - Data Processing User’s Manual for detail.

※ It is possible to remove the spectrum by selecting it and pushing the Remove button.

※ For 1D spectra, refer to NMDT_0025 and NMDT_0026 .

Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
Another window opens when you click.

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