Delta Tips: Additional Display Functions of 1D Processor

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Delta software has various optional display functions and possibilities of customization. For example, we can hide the FID data and/or the data processing tools in the 1D Processor window. This might be useful if you wish to analyze the spectrum directly in 1D Processor. We will demonstrate how the default appearance of 1D Processor can be customized (see ① - ④), and how these functions may be activated/deactivated temporarily (see ★).

Delta Tips
① Select Options – Preferences in the Delta window to open Preferences window.
Delta Tips
② Click the Tools tab.
Delta Tips
③ Uncheck the following boxes: Show FID, Show Tray – Options and Show Tray – Processing to hide these windows/tabs in 1D Processor.
Delta Tips
④ Reopen the 1D Processor window to apply the new setting.

※ Alternatively, it is also possible to instantly display/hide the FID data by selecting/unselecting Options - Show FID in the 1D Processor window.

Delta Tips

The FID data is shown instantly.

Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
Another window opens when you click.

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