Delta Tips: Connect Geometries Function (1D)

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It is possible to synchronize display ranges between two 1D Processor windows with the Connect Geometries function.

Delta Tips
① Select Tools - Geometry Tools - Connection Tool to open the Connect Geometries window.
Delta Tips
② Push the Finger button to activate the data selection function. Note that the cursor has changed to the Finger symbol .
③ Assign Spectrum A as Geometry 1 and Spectrum B as Geometry 2 with the cursor.
④ Push the Connect button and ⑤ set the display range of Spectrum A as you wish. Note that the display range of Spectrum B has also changed.
Delta Tips

※ If you wish to disconnect the display ranges, push the Disconnect button.

※ The Connect Geometries function is also available in the Data Slate window.

※ In the Data Slate window, it is also possible to connect multiple spectra with the Connect function. Please refer to NMDT_0040

Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
Another window opens when you click.

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