Delta Tips: Connect Geometries Function (2D)

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It is possible to synchronize display ranges between two nD Processor windows with the Connect Geometries function.

※ Regarding the Connect Geometries function in 1D, please refer to NMDT_0049 .

Delta Tips
① Select Tools - Geometry Tools - Connection Tool to open the Connect Geometries window.
Delta Tips
② Push the Finger button to activate the data selection function. Note that the cursor has changed to the Finger symbol.
③ Assign Spectrum A as Geometry 1 and Spectrum B as Geometry 2 with the cursor.
Delta Tips
④ Push the Connect button and ⑤ set the display range of Spectrum A as you wish. Note that the display range of Spectrum B has also changed.
Delta Tips

※ If you wish to disconnect the display ranges, push the Disconnect button.

※ The Connect Geometries function is also available in the 2D Viewer window and the Data Slate window.

Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
Another window opens when you click.

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