Delta Tips: How to Set Default Data Folder

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Delta software can be customized in many ways. In this issue of Delta Tips, we will demonstrate how the default data folder can be changed permanently by editing Preferences. We will change the default data folder from 'Delta data' to 'test data'.

Delta Tips
'test data' is a new folder on the Desktop
① Select Options - Preferences in the Delta window to open Preferences window.
Delta Tips
② Click the Directory button to display the Directory tab.
③ Click the Directory button on the right side of the Data item in the Directory tab. Note that the Directory Tool window has opened.
Delta Tips
④ Push and hold the right-mouse-button on 'test data' folder shortcut. Note that the cursor has changed to the Select symbol.
⑤ Drag and drop it onto the input box in the Directory Tool window.
Deta Tips
Delta Tips
⑥ Push the Apply button , close the Directory Tool window and the Preferences window. Click the OK button in the Inform window which has opened.
⑦ Restart Delta to apply the new setting.
Delta Tips
Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
 Another window opens when you click.

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