Delta Tips: How to Delete Processed Data

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Delta software stores processed NMR data (i.e. Fourier transformed-data) in separate files apart from FID data. It is possible to quickly delete all files containing processed data while keeping the original FID data by using a function of the File Browser window.

※ Refer to User’s Manual - Data Processing User’s Manual for more detail on File Browser and file version numbers.

Delta Tips
Select a data file and go to FilePurge Processed Versions in the File Browser window. Note that all files with version numbers 2-4 have been deleted.
Delta Tips

※ The FID data (1) is still kept in the folder.

※ If you wish to delete one particular data file, select its version number in the version number box and select FileTrash File or push the Delete key.

※ If you wish to delete all processed data files in the folder, select FilePurge Processed In Directory.

Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
Another window opens when you click.

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