Delta Tips: Annotation Function

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Delta software has many functions and tools related to data processing and data presentation. In this issue, we will demonstrate the Annotation function.

Delta Tips
① Push the Annotation button on the Pointer Bar in the Data Slate or Processor window. Note that the cursor has changed to the Annotation symbol.
② Select the place where you wish to create a text box with the cursor. An empty box has been displayed on the data. Type in the text of annotation.
Delta Tips

※ You can display/hide annotations by pushing the Alt and A keys.

It is also possible to create a rectangle or arrow on the data. Push and hold the Annotation button to display the Annotation menu.


※ If you wish to create an arrow, select the Arrow mode. Note that the cursor has changed into the Arrow symbol.

Delta Tips
Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
Another window opens when you click.

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