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In Delta software, it is possible to replace the default JEOL logo by a logo (image) of your choice. In the example below, we will demonstrate how to change the logo by using the Param Right template and the Page Layout Editor.

※ For the details on Page Layout Editor, refer to NMDT_0055 .

Delta Tips

The default JEOL logo has been replaced by a Delta logo.

① Push the Region button in the Page Layout Editor window. Note that the cursor has changed into the Region symbol.
② Click the Logo data area (Box 2) with the cursor to activate it.
③ Select Import - EMF in the Page Layout Editor window. Select a logo file and push the Open button in the Specify emf file window. The selected logo has been loaded into Box 2.
Delta Tips

Figure1.emf file has been loaded into the Logo area.

④ Push the Print Layout button to print the spectrum to a printer or PDF file. Confirm that Figure1.emf is displayed in the logo area.
Delta Tips

Logo needs to be in the EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) format. If the logo of your choice is in another format, please convert it to EMF.

NMDT_0035 explains how to delete the logo.

Please see the PDF file for the additional information.
Another window opens when you click.

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