HXY Solids Probes for BioSolids and Materials

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Available from 400 to 900 MHz Operates in HXY or HX mode

Sample:Aluminum phosphate
3.2 mm HXY MAS probe on JNM-ECZ600R
MQMAS spectrum was measured by HX mode,
the other spectra were measured by HXY mode.

Sample: 15N, 13C labeled MLF Tri-peptide
3.2 mm HXY MAS probe on JNM-ECZ600R


Rotor Diameters 0.75, 1, 2, 3.2, & 4 mm
Available HXY Nuclei 1H-13C-15N, 1H-31P-27Al, 1H-13C-29Si, 1H-31P-13C, 1H-29Si-15N, 1H-31P-15N Others on Request
VT Range -100 ~ +150 °C
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