Pre-Heat ASC30: Pre-heating auto sample changer ~ Easy, safe and convenient auto sample changer system ~

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Pre-Heat ASC30*1 is designed for polymer research. Pre-Heat ASC30 heated is capable of keeping 12 samples at up to 160°C*2. This heating slot is completely independent from the carousel (conventional room temperature sample slot), and room temperature sample is available together without any special manual handling*3.
Ensuring simple random access automation without the need for steps or ladders, since sample transport system is fully controlled from software and verified by sensors for the safety.

Pre-Heat ASC30: Pre-heating auto sample changer

Instrument example :JNM-ECZ500R and Pre-Heat ASC30

*1: There are cases in which the schedule is changed without advanced notice.
*2: Sample temperature is less than controlled temperature.
*3: After measurement, the sample is cooled at atmosphere.

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