Airtight Spacer for Solid State NMR

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The airtight spacer enables to perform non exposed solid state NMR measurements.
The jigs and the tools for the spacer allow easy and convenient attaching/detaching even in a globe box.

Airtight Spacer

Sealing performance

1H spectra of acetone @ 5kHz MAS,30°C

Sealing performance

Acetone is highly volatile solvent. But, no spectrum and weight change were observed after 3 days @ 5kHz MAS.

Jigs and Tools for the airtight spacer

Jigs and Tools for the airtight spacer
  • The spacer is single use.
  • Compatible with the 3.2mm rotor.
  • The maximum MAS frequency while using the spacer is 20kHz.
  • Jigs and tools for the airtight spacer are under development. The design is subject to change.
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