Wide Area Observation by Using SiN Window Chip

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An ultra wide highly precise image (pixels: approx. 5,500 million, pixel size: approx. 17 nm) is obtained by using the automatic montage system "Limitless Panorama (LLP)" function. The combination of a SiN Window Chip with an LLP, enables imaging of the area allowing for observation of the entire embryo, while maintaining the resolution allowing for observation of organelles.

Imaging Condition

Specimen Early embryo of drosophila
No of images taken 23 vertical × 8 horizontal (184 in total)
Pixels 39,245 x 14,112 (15% overlap)
Imaging field of view 680 μm × 250 μm
Pixel size 17.2 nm / pixel
Imaging time 40 min
Imaging device JEM-1400Flash (Accelerating voltage : 120 kV)


Y.KOnyuba et al., Microscopy 67 (2018) 367-370

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