AccuTOF™ GC series Materials and Chemistry Applications Notebook

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Edition August 2021

JEOL Mass Spectrometer Material analysis solutions

This is a compendium of material science/engieering and chemistry related applications notes and JEOL News articles based on the data acquired on JEOL high resolution GC-TOFMS AccuTOF™ GC series (JMS-T100GC, JMS-T100GCV, JMS-T200GC, and JMS-T2000GC).

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Table of Contents

Introduction   P1~

  • MultiAnalyzer – Unknown Compounds Analysis System New Gas Chromatograph – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer JMS-T2000GC "AccuTOF™ GC-Alpha"
    (Ubukata, M., JEOL news, 56, 66 – 72, 2021) 
  • Effect of JMS-T2000GC high mass resolution on the analysis result -KMD Plot comparison using msRepeatFinder- (MSTips No. 332) 
  • Effect of high mass accuracy on the analysis result by JMS-T2000GC -Effect to narrow down the result of msFineAnalysis integrated analysis- (MSTips No. 331) 
  • Development of an Integrated Analysis Method for the JMS-T200GC High Mass-Resolution GC-TOFMS by Electron Ionization and Soft Ionization Methods
    (Ubukata, M., Ueda, Y., JEOL news, 50, 83 – 89, 2019)
  • Comparison of performance between PI and FI by using GC-HRTOFMS
  • High-speed 50 Hz Data Acquisition Capability for Comprehensive 2-dimensional GC Measurements (MSTips No. 226)
  • The Qualitative Analysis of an Antioxidant Additive Using the Full Capabilities of the EI/FI/FD Combination Ion Source (MSTips No. 224)

Pyrolysis(Py)-GC/MS   P35~

  • Material Evaluation using msFineAnalysis Ver. 3 -Fast search and analysis of substance in material by two-sample comparison- (MSTips No. 330)
  • Differential Analysis Function in msFineAnalysis Ver 3 (1):
    Analysis of Epoxy Resin by using Headspace and Pyrolysis-GC-TOFMS (MSTips No. 327)
  • Differential Analysis Function in msFineAnalysis Ver 3 (3):
    Analysis of Vinyl Acetate Resin by Using Pyrolysis-GC-TOFMS (MSTips No. 329)
  • Analyzing a Specific Component using Group Analysis of msFineAnalysis Ver. 2 (MSTips No. 303) 
  • Integrated Analysis of an Acrylic Resin using msFineAnalysis v2 (MSTips No. 300) 
  • Comprehensive Analysis + Unknown Component Analysis of Vinyl Acetate Resins Using Pyrolysis GC-MS (MSTips No. 243)
  • Using Volcano Plots to Compare Vinyl Acetate Resin Samples Measured by Pyrolysis GC-MS (MSTips No. 244)
  • Analysis of additives in plastic by thermal desorption (TD) GC-TOFMS ~ accurate mass measurement and isotope pattern matching ~ (MSTips No. 138)
  • Analysis of acrylic resin by pyrolysis GC-TOFMS (MSTips No. 101) 

Pyrolysis(Py)-GCxGC/MS   P57~

  • Identification and distribution analysis of additives in a molded NBR by PY/GCxGC/HRTOFMS (MSTips No.289) 
  • Ion Exchange Resin Analysis by using Pyrolysis-GCxGC-MS (MSTips No.274)
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber Analysis by using Pyrolysis-GCxGC-MS (MSTips No.273)
  • Natural Polymer Analysis by using Pyrolysis-GCxGC-MS-"Urushi" analysis with GCxGC/EI and GCxGC/PI- (MSTips No.245)

GC/MS   P65~

  • Identification of Impurities in an Expired Standard Drug Mixture by Using Multiple Ionization Methods and msFineAnalysis
  • Integrated Analysis of High Resolution GC-MS Data Using Hard and Soft Ionization to Identify Trace Impurities
  • Integrated Analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters using msFineAnalysis v2 (MSTips No. 301) 
  • Analysis of polydimethylsiloxanes by GC/TOFMS (MSTips No. 131) 
  • GC/TOFMS analysis of high boiling point compounds ~cholesterol and Irganox 1010~ (MSTips No. 123)
  • Analysis of photo polymerization initiator in UV light curing adhesives by GC/TOFMS (MSTips No. 108)
  • Analysis of advanced materials by FD/FI using "AccuTOF™ GC" Part I
    ~ analysis of polymer building blocks with isocyanate and pilazole groups ~ (MSTips No. 089) 
  • Analysis of advanced materials by FD/FI using "AccuTOF™ GC" Part II
    ~ analysis of multifunctional thiols, curing agents for functional polymers ~ (MSTips No. 090)
  • Detection of molecular ions of fluorine compounds by GC/FI-TOFMS (MSTips No. 088)
  • The Power of Exact Mass Measurement:
    An Example of Unknown Compound Identification (MSTips No. 40)

Direct Sample Introduction (Direct Probes, Field Desorption)   P97~

  • Analysis of polymer additives using DIP-EI and FD (MSTips No. 151) 
  • Analysis of organogermanium compounds by field desorption (FD) ionization using JMS-T100GC "AccuTOF™ GC" (MSTips No. 121)
  • Analysis of ionic liquid by field desorption (FD) ionization using JMS-T100GC "AccuTOF™ GC" (MSTips No. 113)
  • Analysis of block copolymer by field desorption (FD) using JMS-T100GC "AccuTOF™ GC" (MSTips No. 110)
  • Analysis of advanced materials by FD/FI using "AccuTOF™ GC" Part III
    ~ analysis of organic borates, photoinitiators for polymerization ~ (MSTips No. 091) 
  • Analysis of advanced materials by FD/FI using "AccuTOF™ GC" Part IV
    ~ analysis of NIR-photosensitive dyes ~ (MSTips No. 092) 
  • Detection of molecular ions from OLED material using AccuTOF™ GC (MSTips No. 087)
  • Analysis of organic pigments using a direct exposure probe on JMS-T100GC "AccuTOF™ GC" (MSTips No. 085)
  • Analysis of organic EL material by JMS-T100GC "AccuTOF™ GC"
    ~ comparison of FD and DEI methods ~ (MSTips No. 078)

TG(Thermogravimetry)/MS, EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis)  P115~

  • Thermal decomposition analysis of antioxidant additive by TG-MS
    -Accurate mass measurement with TG-TOFMS system- (MSTips No. 250)
  • Fluorocarbon polymers analysis by TG-MS
    -High m/z range measurement using TG-TOFMS system- (MSTips No. 249) 
  • Evolved gas monitoring from PA66 by using PY-GC-HRTOFMS 

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