AccuTOF™ LC series DART™ (Direct Analysis in Real Time) Applications Notebook

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Edition May 2020

AccuTOF(TM) LC series DART(TM) (Direct Analysis in Real Time) Applications Notebook

This is a compendium of the applications notes and JEOL News articles related to the AccuTOF™ LC series atmospheric pressure ionization high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometers (API-HRTOFMS) equipped with JEOL's patented DART™(Direct Analysis in Real Time) ion source.

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Fundamentals P1~

  • Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART™) Mass Spectrometry
    (R. B. Cody, J. A. Laramée, J. M. Nilles, H. D. Durst, JEOL News, 40, 8 – 12, 2005)
  • The AccuTOF™ Atmospheric Pressure Interface: an Ideal Configuration for DART™ and Ambient Ionization
    (MS Tips No.221)
  • Accurate Isotope Data is Essential for Determining Elemental Compositions
  • DART™ Contamination Resistance: Analysis of Compounds in Saturated Salt and Buffer Solutions
    (MS Tips No.D016)

Drugs P19~

  • Direct Analysis of Drugs in Pills and Capsules with No Sample Preparation (MS Tips No.D013)
  • Instantaneous Screening for Counterfeit Drugs with No Sample Preparation (MS Tips No.D009)

Food, Flavor, and Fragrance P21~

  • Using Solid Phase Microextraction with AccuTOF™-DART™ for Fragrance Analysis
  • Rapid Detection of Melamine in Dry Milk Using AccuTOF™-DART™
  • Flavones and Flavor Components in Two Basil Leaf Chemotypes
  • "No-prep" Analysis of Lipids in Cooking Oils and Detection of Adulterated Olive Oil (MS Tips No.D019)
  • Detection of Oleocanthal in Freshly Pressed Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (MS Tips No.D017)
  • Rapid Detection of Fungicide in Orange Peel (MS Tips No.D014)
  • Instantaneous Detection of Opiates in Single Poppy Seeds (MS Tips No.D008)
  • Detection of Lycopene in Tomato Skin (MS Tips No.D006)
  • Detection of Unstable Compound Released by Chopped Chives (MS Tips No.D004)
  • Distribution of Capsaicin in Chili Peppers (MS Tips No.D003)
  • Identifying "Buried" Information in LC/MS Data (MS Tips No.D002)
  • Direct analysis of caffeine in soft drinks and coffee and tea infusions
  • Rapid screening of stobilurins in crude solid materials (wheat grains) using DART-TOFMS
  • Analysis of stobilurins in wheat grains using DART-TOFMS
  • Analysis of deoxynivalenol in beer

Forensic and Homeland Security P45~

  • AccuTOF™-DART™ Analysis of Smokeless Powders
  • Fiber analysis by thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART™
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Helps Identify Peaks in DART™ Mass Spectrum of Electrical Tape -
    ElementEye JSX-1000S and AccuTOF™-DART™
  • Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs: Rapid Impurity Profiling by AccuTOF™-DART™
  • "Laundry Detective": Identification of a Stain
  • Direct analysis of stains on cloth caused by cosmetic foundation (MS Tips No.D023)
  • Detection of the Peroxide Explosives TATP and HMTD
  • Detection of Explosives in Muddy Water (MS Tips No.D012)
  • Rapid Detection and Exact Mass Measurements of Trace Components in an Herbicide (MS Tips No.D011)
  • Instantaneous Detection of Illicit Drugs on Currency (MS Tips No.D010)
  • Instantaneous Detection of Explosives on Clothing (MS Tips No.D005)
  • Instantaneous Detection of the "Date-Rape" Drug – GHB (MS Tips No.D001)
  • Chemical Analysis of Fingerprints
  • Analysis of Biological Fluids

Materials and Chemistry P71~

  • Identification of Contamination on Welding Wires Using Cross-Platform Techniques in SEM and Mass Spec
  • AccuTOF™-DART™ analysis of motor oils
  • Analysis of duct tapes by thermal desorption and pyrolysis mass spectrometry and X-rayfluorescence spectroscopy (MS Tips No.232)
  • Analysis of low polar compound by DART™ ~ analysis of organic electroluminescence materials ~ (MS Tips No.D032)
  • Analysis of highly polar compound by DART™ ~ analysis of ionic liquid ~ (MS Tips No.D031)
  • Chemical Reaction Monitoring with the AccuTOF™-DART™ Mass Spectrometer
  • Direct Analysis of Organometallic Compounds
  • Rapid Analysis of p-Phenylenediamine Antioxidants in Rubber (MS Tips No.D021)
  • Identification of Polymers (MS Tips No.D020)
  • Rapid Analysis of Glues, Cements, and Resins (MS Tips No.D018)
  • Direct Analysis of Adhesives (MS Tips No.D015)

Biological Species Identification and Classification P105~

  • A High Throughput Ambient Mass Spectrometric Approach to Species Identification and Classification from Chemical Fingerprint Signatures
    (Musah, R. A. et al., Sci. Rep. 5, 11520; doi: 10.1038/srep11520 (2015))

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