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We are pleased to announce the addition of an 8 mm solid state MAS probe to our lineup of AUTOMAS probes, which are capable of fully automated measurement. The 8 mm AUTOMAS probe can be filled with a large sample volume of about 600 ul, making it ideal for measurements that require long integration times, such as 29Si measurements of silicon materials or 13C measurements of trace components in rubber. Telemetry and efficient measurements at night and on weekends allow a significant increase in throughput compared to conventional probes.

3.2 mm AUTOMAS probe

  • Ease of use and operation like a solution probe
  • Cultivated automation technologies
    • Auto Tune
    • Sample Eject/Load
    • Auto Sample Changer
3.2 mm AUTOMAS probe

8 mm HXMAS probe

  • Large volume sample tube
>8 mm HXMASプローブ
8 mm AUTOMAS probe

High spinning stability 

High speed range (8kHz)
Slow speed range (50Hz)

Designed to be shared with solution probes

  • Auto Sample Changer
    (ASC24, JackBean 30, 64, 100)
  • Auto Tuning Unit
  • Probe Heater
Spectrometer JNM-ECZ series, JNM-ECZL series
(AUTOMAS probe compatible MASCONT is required)
System frequency 400 / 500 / 600 MHz
Max MAS frequency 8kHz
Available Nuclei 1H, 31P, 7Li, 11B, 23Na, 27Al, 13C, 79Br, 207Pb, 29Si, 6Li, 15N *
VT range -40°C ~ +120°C
Auto tuning Available
  • * Some of the observable nuclei are subject to change.
  • * Tuning between nuclei with widely different frequencies requires a frequency conversion stick.
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